Kit Langfield

Kit is a punk rock cowboy with a touch of Elvis. His debut album, Restless, is a musical odyssey of country, bluegrass, Americana, punk and hard rock. From dusty roads to back alleys, from love to loss, from pain to redemption, Kit takes you on a journey to find home. Live, he unleashes a manic energy that electrifies his songs. With his band The Key Rings, he delivers grungy rock bangers with a hint of country dust. Kit is working on his second album, coming soon. Don’t miss him. He’s restless. He’s Kit Langfield.



March 2nd, 2024: Cooper Tropeau and the Broken Bones Live at Louis'

Cooper Tropeau and the Broken Bones Live at Louis’ with special guest Kit Langfield and the Key Rings. (19+)

March 15th, 2024: Blackrose Whiskey Club w/ The Bros G

Blackrose Whiskey Club w/ The Bros G

March 23rd, 2024: The Wild w/ Dead Levee & Kit Langfield

The Capitol Music Club is proud to present

The Wild!
w/ special guests
Dead Levee

Tickets $30 advance / $45 VIP / $40 at the door

July 26th, 2024: Dogpatch Music Festival

Northern lights! Great music, spirits, food, sport, children’s programming, and culture await you here, at the end of the road.

Loon Lake, SK

About Kit Langfield

Kit is a musical rebel with a cause. He blends punk rock, country, bluegrass, and Americana into a unique sound that defies genres and expectations. His debut album Restless, recorded at Skullcreek Studios, is a sonic road trip that explores the highs and lows of life.

From dusty country roads to gritty back alleys, from love and loss to pain and redemption, Kit invites you to join him on his quest for home. But don’t be fooled by his cowboy hat and boots. Kit is a wild man on stage, unleashing a manic energy and a distorted, grungy rock sound that will make you feel alive.

He is backed by his band The Key Rings, featuring Jordan Perry, Travis Williams, and Matt Smith.

Kit is currently working on his second album with recording engineer Ryan Andersen, and he is ready to rock your world. Don’t miss him live, because he is a force of nature.

Kit is the punk rock cowboy you never knew you needed.


Just F:)cking Magic with Kit Langfield’s Album “Restless”

Kit Langfield’s debut solo album, Restless may seem, at first listen, to be a chaotic collection of musical styles and subject matter. I mean, how often do you find distorted guitars and frenetic drums hanging out on the same album with lap steel, banjo and a mandolin? With a diverse range of influences that includes country, bluegrass, punk and hard rock, Restless has a little bit of everything. What makes it work is the incredible storytelling. The album feels like a journey, and every song is a stop along the way.

Melanie Macpherson – North Sask Music Zine

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